Lauren Sherman

Apr 24

3 Startups Making Shoppable Video a Reality -

Can shoppable video really get viewers to shop? These three startups are betting on it. Read my piece for

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Apr 17

What Fashion People Mean When They Say They're 'Consulting' -

Private Label Partnerships, the Deals that Keep Fashion Ticking - BoF - The Business of Fashion -

At a time when fashion companies are more focused on brand than ever before, private label manufacturers continue to flourish. My latest for the Business of Fashion.

Apr 15

Meet Daphne Javitch, Creator of Ten Undies and Underwear Whisperer -

I interviewed Javitch, whose style I happen to love, for The Cut

Is the Word ‘Girl’ Bad for Fashion? -

Apr 11

'Game of Thrones,' 'Gatsby' Are Gauge for Growing World of Film and TV Fashion Collabs -

The Fashion Industry's Worst-Kept Secret -

For Many Designers, Wearable Technology Remains Something of a Mystery -